At Write Services, I help clients create powerful copy for increased market visibility and customer demand. If you need web content, a catchy slogan, technical guides, or a script, I will deliver the copy you need, on time and budget.

I am a creative person with a strong technical understanding, thanks to eleven years in IT at a university. This experience enables me to offer specialisation to the IT and HE sectors. I also have a useful knack for translating geek into human.

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University of Gloucestershire
Experience IT copywriter. IT copywriting. Technology copywriter.

IT Copy & Technical Writing

For someone non-technical, writing for a technical audience is often as tricky as a diehard techie writing a guide for end users.
I spent many years working in IT, engaging with a diverse audience with varying levels of technical ability. My writing has covered a range of content, including company IT news, user guides, project papers, web pages, and various other forms of content.

I learnt from this experience that relevance + delivery = information retention, and effective copy.

Digital Copywriting

The layout of a website is important: with its colours schemes, graphics and easy navigation. These are what makes someone decide if they want to stay and read something. When that happens, you need to grab their attention and keep it. If a visitor can't find what they're looking for within the first few seconds, then they're likely to click back to the search results and try somewhere else.

I have written for many websites over the years and they have seen excellent results from an effective use of content. Just take this site for instance... you're still reading!

Website Copywriting. Web content creation.
Creating content for social media.

Social Media Content

Posts, tweets, updates; they fly across people's screens in the blink of an eye, so you need to reach out and grab their attention if you want to be seen - After all, you've got videos of cute kittens and baby pandas to compete with!
Twitter has a limit of 140 characters, other services are unlimited, but that doesn’t mean you can waffle. No matter what the network, 100-200 characters is about right. If it can’t be read in a glance, then chances are it won’t be, so it needs to say a lot with a little to be effective.

I can help you create social media content to build your audience and promote your product or brand to the target demographic.

Script Writing & Screenwriting

We’ve all seen feature films with a great cast and a terrible script; but just because your budget can't touch Hollywood's doesn’t mean that your script can’t be better.
The spoken words of TV/Radio Commercials and Online Video need to hold the audience's attention, right from the start. What you need is an engaging script that is relatable and targeted for your demographic.

I wrote my first piece of fiction when I was just six years old, so it's safe to say I've had a lot of practice. Would you like your script to be informative, funny, dramatic, quirky, engaging or all of the above? Just ask and I will create you a strong and memorable dialogue, monologue, or voice-over for your audience.

Need something else? Just ask

Copywriting Process

Each project begins with an initial Proof of Style for your review. This is to ensure that the style and tone of voice is what you are looking for.

When you are happy with the style, I’ll write the First Draft. If you have Microsoft Word or Apple Pages, the Track Changes feature is an ideal way for you to make any edits you require, and for me to easily identify those edits. I will then write the Second Draft, based on your feedback, and send it to you for review. The Second Draft will rarely require little more than a tweak here and there. I shall then create the Final Draft for project sign-off.

Proposals carry no obligation and no charge.

   Phase    Activities
Contact You contact me using the Contact form on this website.
Requirements  We discuss your project and requirements.
Proposal I create a no obligation proposal and quotation.
Commencement If accepted, you sign and return the proposal.
Investigation Copywriting Brief completed and returned. Research undertaken if required. Additional questions or interviews if required.
Proof of Style Proof of Style completed and delivered for feedback.
First Draft Draft completed in full and delivered for feedback.
Second Draft Edits made and draft delivered for closing feedback.
Final Draft Final edits made and completed copy delivered.
Completion Project sign-off.
Follow-up A brief follow-up, usually by phone or email, to check that performance indicators show the desired result from project.

Contact Me

Thank you for your interest in my services.

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Adam Hawkins
Freelance Copywriter

Tel: +44 0208 144 61 61


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